Join us in the world of future
Where great ideas become reality,
speeds are high and energy is clean.
invites you to a new journey:
Tesla X Tesla 3
Tesla X
Tesla 3
What awaits you in the end?
Bright future and our top prizes -
Tesla Model X & Tesla Model 3.
Want a Tesla?
Drive traffic to all AdCombo offers for all GEOs
and get 1 Elon per every $ 10 000 available (with 1x rate) for payout within your account.
Charge your battery to the max and boost your winning chances!
Join TeslaVision!
Money prize
$ 50 000
Minor prizes
To be announced, stay tuned!
Rules and Conditions
  • Who takes part in the challenge?
    All affiliates of the AdCombo and affiliate networks are participants.
  • How does it work?
    The more money you earn with the network during the challenge duration, the more challenge points (Elons) you get. After the TeslaVision challenge is over, prize drawing is held. The more Elons you have on your account - the higher your chances to win a prize in the drawing.
  • How much time do I have?
    Calculation of challenge points (Elons) starts Feb 15 2021, 00:00 UTC and stops Dec 1 2021, 00:00 UTC.
  • What are the “Elons” and how can I get them?
    Elons are the challenge points of TeslaVision. You get 1 Elon per every 10 000 USD* earned and available for withdrawal on your affiliate account.

    *ATTENTION: Elons are not calculated for unapproved or rejected leads as well as for leads in hold.
    Chargers are special challenge rates for calculating Elons. There are four types of Chargers:
    1.25x: 1 Elon = $8000
    1x: 1 Elon = $10000
    0.8x: 1 Elon = $12500
    0.5x: 1 Elon = $20000

    You can find an informative Elons bar in your AdCombo cabinet. It shows the current number of Elons on your account and the amount of earnings till your next Elon. You can also see your progress in the Top ranking table in the TeslaVision section available in the side menu. Calculation of Elons starts Feb 15 2021, 00:00 UTC and stops Dec 1 2021, 00:00 UTC.
  • What offers should I manage traffic to?
    Manage your traffic to all offers of AdCombo and
  • Who can participate in the prize drawing?
    The top 50 participants who made the most Elons during the TeslaVision challenge are invited to the final celebration party and are eligible to take part in the prize draw there.

    NB: To take part in the prize drawing, participants must attend the final party themselves or via representatives.
    The date and time of the party will be announced later. Don't miss the updates!
    AdCombo undertakes to provide the top 50 participants with free accommodation at the venue of the final party at its expense. All travel expenses are paid by the participants themselves.
  • How many prizes can a prize draw participant win?
    Each participant of the prize drawing can win 1 major prize (a car or money prize) and 1 minor prize. Tesla Model X raffles among the Top-5, Tesla Model 3, money prize and minor prizes - among the Top-50).
  • How do we determine the winner?
    The winner is chosen by a draw. Each of the prize draw participants receives chips with its username registered in the network. A quantity of chips of a participant is equal or proportionate to the number of gained Elons. The chips of all the prize draw participants are put into a lottery drum. The drawing for the minor prizes is conducted first. Then the drawing for the major prizes starts.
Follow our news and updates and send a ticket request to your personal manager or contact AdCombo Support if you have a question to ask. The AdCombo affiliate network reserves the right to impose restrictions toward incoming traffic or suspend it temporarily due to the technical need of the traffic processing system. Moreover, AdCombo is able to set caps on offers or place a limit on the number of leads
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Future is
practically here.
And we shape it!
  • From innovative offers
    and powerful product ingredients
  • To cutting-edge multigeo server systems with zero downtime
  • From eco-initiatives and philanthropy...
  • to parties!
When one great journey ends, another begins. Here is how we celebrate it:
What awaits us this time?
An exotic place, powerful emotions, the spirit of unity, the fire of freedom
running through your veins - a wild festival we’ve all been longing for!
Where in the world is our next glorious destination?
You’ll know soon enough
Heat up your traffic and join us on the fast track!
Future is what we make of it today
Feb 15 - Nov 30
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